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4D scans

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    Unhappy 4D scans

    Does anyone know if you can get 4D scans done in Hong Kong and if so where and how much? Also, when did you get scans done at Tsan Yuk? I had one at 18 weeks. Is that it or are there more to come (I forgot to ask for pictures of the scan and I'm a bit gutted).

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    you can pay for a 4d scan even with the public hospital... when i was preggers back in 2004, they charged $1200 for a 4d scan... i was lucky though, they asked me to take part in a study...what did i have to do?

    have a 4d scan once per month for the last 6 months of my pregnancy....

    my answer was...."duh... ok!"

    it was awesome! i have photos of my boy from 15 weeks and onward... every 4 weeks!

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    my obgyn has a 4D scan in her clinic. but she only does scans 4D scans twice, @20wks & 30wks. her name is dr.louisa lam, i dunno whether she'll do a scan for you if your not her patient. but there're a lot that will - marco wan & another female doc (i forgot her name) @around $800-$1000. cos they consider it a consultation. ill get u the female doc's name later.

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    Have a read through this thread on 4D scans. You can also see Cara's 4D pics, which are amazing

    4D Scans

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Tsan Yuk/ 4D scans

    I had my first scan (2D) at a private doctor to date the pregnancy, ensure not ectopic pregnancy, etc. I am now going to Tsan Yuk instead as the antenatal visits and basic screening tests are free. I asked about ultrasounds the other day. The only other ultrasound (2D) I'll get from now (12 weeks) until delivery is at 18-20 weeks to check for fetal abnormalities. I forgot to ask if you pay for it, but I've heard people mention $80, which may be for a copy of the scan.

    You can get 4D scans done at Tsan Yuk, but these scans are actually done at the Lady Woo clinic, which appears to be a private clinic within Tsan Yuk- I am getting Down Syndrome testing done there as it's not free at Tsan Yuk unless you are over 35. The clinic's price list says that a 4D scan costs $1200. There are also lots of packages on the price list that include 4D scans. Hope this helps. Here's a link to the Lady Woo clinic price list:

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    I had a 4D scan at 13 weeks, when I went to Dr. Doo for nuchal transluency test and it cost $1500; and then again at 19 weeks for the fetal abnormality scan, also $1,500.

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