My baby's (first child) head was not engaged until I went into labor.

My OB also advised me to have a C-section for exactly the same reason. My doctor actually advised me to have a C-section at week 38.

Having read a lot about HK doctors prefer C-section over vaginal delievery for their own convenience, I become a bit suspicous about my OB's recommendation. I sought opinions from other two doctors, one in private practice and the other at a public hospital (public hospitals in HK have policies against having any C-section without a valid medical reason) and both of them were of the view that I was totally fine for a vaginal delivery and it is not unusal that baby's head is not engaged until mom goes into labor.

I finally decided to go to another OB for a vaginal delivery. I gave birth exactly on my due date without induction or any other interferences and my delivery was quite smooth.

It is a big shame that some doctors in HK place their own interests before the interests of their patients.