I am very confused since last Saturday. My son has been acceptance by Pun U Wah Yan Primary School, the coming September he can enter their Primary 1 class. My son was a very very lucky one. As some people said, I won the 2nd prize of Mark Six.

In fact, my son is studying ESF P1 now, he likes this school very much. The reason we submitted the application of the govenment primary school as we found as a resident of Hong Kong, we can enjoy 9 year free education from primary 1 to secondary 3 compared we pay almost HK$5000/mo ESF tuition. We did not expect my son was so lucky as we never won any prize of mark six but he can get a seat in Pun U Wah Yan Primary School.

Some people told me Pun U Wah Yan Primary School is mainly teaching in chinese (Cantonese). Also, it is not all Pun U Wah Yan primary students can get in to Wah Yan college.

I would like hear the comment if anyone's child is studying Pun U Wah Yan.