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baby movement decreased

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    baby movement decreased

    I'm 22 weeks pregnant at the moment. I started feeling the baby move a few weeks ago and last week the movements were becoming quite strong and regular (you could easily feel the kicks from the outside). This week the movements have almost disappeared. I do feel the occasional squiggle or squirm but no real strong kicks not even at night or after food. Am I over reacting, should I wait a few more weeks before they become consistent or should I contact my doctor? Any advice or similar experiences?

    Also at the momet I jus have a general doctor and the Tsan Yuk (QM hospital). Should I get my self an OB/Gyn as well?

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    I am 23 weeks preggers. It's constantly on my mind too as once they kick it should be continuous. It's good to have a private ob/gyn at the same time as you can make last minute appointments, can't do that at tsan yuk. I have been relieved of a lot of worry with being able to have access to a private ob with little notice. You'll be able to relax if you have a private check up maybe...I go to Dr Sonia Lee in Prince's Bldg-Central. She's very good. Good luck.

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