I was just thinking that a lot of baby things sold in Hong Kong look dodgy and aren't possibly safe. Also, we aren't alerted to recalls here in HK except for the occasional notice in SCMP ( which who has the time to read anymore). Could there maybe be a forum section for recalls?

But dodginess aside, some big name brands that are sold here might slip through the cracks and continue to be sold first or secondhand.

Example, a type of Graco Aspen 3 n 1 crib that has just been recalled. It killed a baby.
Graco Pack n Play problems which I see sold on other expat websites frequently. It killed a 13 month old.
Babywalkers ( I personally never knew that some walkers had a built in system to prevent falling down an indoor step or ledge)
Zolowear infant carrier/sling
Phil and Ted Twin Stroller
Boston Billows Nursing Pillows

here's a link...