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Very disappointed with …....

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    Thumbs down Very disappointed with …....

    I have a very unhappy experience with Lxxxe Gym (Shatin) and I really need to share this with you guys.

    When I first made the enquiry (walk-in) about their program and fees, a female staff told me that my girl could join a trail class which is free. Then I called on May 28 (Mon) to book for the Wed class, and they said ok. When I got there on Wed (May 31), they were closed for the Dragon Boat Festival. I was very disappointed.

    I called the following day to complain and they said they have no record showing my booking. But the staff (female) apologized and asked if I’d like to come on the following Wed class (Jun 7), and I said ok. Then I received a call from another female staff on Mon (Jun 5) and asked if my girl could join the Sun class (Jun 11) instead, because there are NO students signing up for the Wed class at all. If my girl came, she would be the ONLY kid playing in the class and that’s not good for her. I was very disappointed but I accepted this.

    Yesterday (Jun 10) I called to reconfirm my booking just to make sure everything is alright this time. And I’ve asked again if the trial is free. The staff (male) told me I have to pay HK$200 for the trial. I said impossible because I’ve been told the trial is free. He replied they always charge for the trial, unless you’ve got a coupon. And I asked why the fee is HK$200 as supposed to HK$180 (HK$2160 for 12 sessions, so each session should be HK$180)? He replied because it is a Sunday class and it costs more!!!! I was not only DISAPPOINTED but also ANGRY this time.

    The whole thing just doesn’t make sense. When they switched my girl to Sun class, they should have already notified me on the phone that the trial fee is HK$20 more, if they assumed there is a fee for the trial. What is happening to Lxxxe Gym? Their staff are making mistakes over and over again………

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    Are u talking about the same Gym in TST? If so, I didn't know they have a new one in NT. I guess the staffs are new and they don't know the charges?!

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    Dear Gigi:

    I could relate to your disappointment too. I had a similar experience with the same company except it was the one in TST. I booked the gym for my twins two year old birthday - the whole experience drove me nuts. From booking to the day up to the party, I think I must have received 6 calls from them just reminding me that my guests must wear socks - for heaven's sake. It said on their website that they would send out the invites for you - but the staff there had no idea what I was talking about. They would only give me one free t-shirt even though it was a bday party for my twins. Their reasoning was that if they gave me two t-shirts, then everyone else would want one saying that the bday boy or girl had a brother or sister whose bday was coming up too!!! What a pathetic excuse! Looking back, this makes me sound like a real meany but it was nothing to do with the t-shirt or the stamps on the invitations was all about their attitude. I think there was more to this but all I can remember now is that I was really disappointed with the whole experience - it completely ruined the joy of organising my twins bday party

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