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How to Conceive A Boy!!

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    Yes, I placed the order online and paid through credit card by faxing my card info over. They need to know your blood type, period cycle, days between ovulation and last period, etc. In fact, you can click to see the application form online, without committing to it at all.

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    Sorry for hijacking the thread, but presumably there are a few moms on this thread that have girls......could you give me some tips on how to conceive a girl?! Both scientific and non-scientific ways sound good to me. No harm in trying, right? If it works, Bingo, if it doesn't... I will still love the boy. So please fire on, anything, any method at all! Thanx bunch ladies!

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    i seem to have boys pretty easily, i want to know how to have a girl.

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    parisienmom is offline Registered User
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    Hi Gigi,
    That would be great if you could send a copy to my email [email protected].

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Eating acidic foods, e.g. lemons, oranges, apples etc. is suppose to increase your chances of having a girl! No idea if it works, just what I read.

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    capital is offline Banned
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    The book "taking charge of your fetility" discusses this topic. The talk about timing sex to coicide with the time of ovulation based on the fast males and slower females. It states when using the methods correctly the chances are 75-80 effective for choosing a girl and 80-90% effective fro choosing a boy. This is a very good book for learning how to take your temp, check cervical fluid and basically how to get preganat using your body's signs of ovulation.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Mm.. I heard the same thing from my friends long time ago and they learnt that in their biology class.. I think this may be the most scientific way.

    Actually, you can download a trial version of ovulation calendar free online and then you'll know what days you are fertile (i.e. a couple of days with 1 or 2 the most fertile). Have sexual intercourse on your most fertile days may help (but not on other less fertile days). After intercourse, make sure you put a pillow on your bottom and wait for a few minutes before going to the bathroom. This will help sperm swim faster. I understand that sperm Y can survive up to about 24 hours or so where sperm X can survive up to 3 or 4 days in your uterus. Correct me if other experts know different story.

    Contrarily, if wanna a girl, have sex on days other than your most fertile days.

    Not trying to be expert as I am not, for sure. Just sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by woojoemau

    the more scientific way is that the Y sperm swim faster but they won't survive as long as the X sperm. On the other hand the X sperm swim much slower but they can survive much longer in your uterus, up to 4 days. So the way to go is to have sex on your ovulation day, and not to have sex a few days before you ovulates. There are ovulation kits to check when is your ovulation day or you can simply check your body temperature, the day you ovulation, if i remember correctly, your temperature is slighty higher.

    there are actually scientific prove that suggest sperm prefer an alkaline environment, so eating alkaline food could help.

    i did my research on it when i was trying to get pregnant, but i found out I AM ALREADY pregnant before i could actually test it out. And i just found out last week that I AM going to have a BOY. but i would be as happy if it was a girl.. cos i want my next one to be a girl.

    good luck

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    Smile Boy or Girl - gender choosing methods

    You might be interested in looking at one of my replies to such issues (for both boy and girl wishes). Search for "Chinese Birthing Chart and other gender choosing methods". Hope it helps!

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