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Maternity Insurance

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    Question Maternity Insurance

    I am currently covered by my husband's firm's not so great insurance - 45000HKD max on c-section and 600HKD per OB visit..

    I would like to see Dr. Lucy Lord and thus deliver at Matilda -
    (1) Anyone knows how much Dr. Lucy Lord's consultations and ultrasounds cost?
    (2) and approx. how many times I will see her during the entire pregnancy?
    (3) how much is her operation fee for scheduled c-section?
    (4) including room and meals (twin or private room) how much will the bill for Matilda be? (I emailed Matilda and got a price list - it was 29.5K for twin room and 45.5K for private room - which seems really cheap compared to what I have heard - does this sound right? are there additional charges?

    Thanks so much!! I am trying to decide whether to stay with current insurance or get another one (i know there's a waiting period from previous theads..)


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    Hi Pregger,

    Have a read through this thread on Pregnancy costs.

    Pregnancy Costs

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    Have been doing a lot of research on private hospital costs, in my search to choose a hospital to deliver in! In terms of room cost there isn't a lot of different between the Matilda, Adventist, Canossa, Sanatorium (a few thousand dollars at most).

    Extra costs involve-
    a). Obstetrician fees, my obstetrician charges from between 15,000- 20,000 delivery fees depending on whether natural, ceasrarean or emergency cearsarean delivery.
    b). Epidural fee, I believe at the Matilda this is $4,000
    c). Anathesist fee, in the eventuality that you do have an epidural- prices vary depending on which your obstetrician prefers to use; you may have to pay them a standby fee if you are not sure if you will want an epidural or not.
    d). The Matilda also charges $2,000 to keep an operating theatre on standy in case of emergency ceasarean.
    e). I then believe there are extra costs for any medical treatment the baby may required after birth.

    My obstetrican charges $750 just to see him; and then $850-950 for each ultrasound; plus extra charges for blood and urine tests. Fortunetly our insurance covers everything, or we would surely be bankrupt by now!

    In the first 13 weeks we saw the obstetrican every two weeks, and then on every month ( I am currently 22 weeks pregnant); plus we had to pay $1500 for a nuchal transluency test and then $1500 for fetal abnormality scan!

    They say babies are expensive, but being pregnant in HK is not cheap, if you decide to go private!

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