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don't want to supplement formula.

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    Hi Chosun,
    I had the same problem as you. I spent nearly a whole day with baby breastfeeding and never seemed satisfied. So I expressed milk to see how much I had. After expressing each breast I only had 2floz, when baby was drinking 3floz so no wonder she was hungry. I was in tears and felt really useless as a mum when I realised I didn't have enough milk for her. However that feeling didn't last long as she was so happy bening supplemented with powdered milk and so was her daddy as he got to feed her aswell.

    You have spent 6weeks breastfeeding, which is more than most and is a wonderful start for your baby. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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    Please remember that the amount of milk you can get out by pumping or express is NOT the amount of milk you have. It is only the amount you could get out.

    When you breastfeed many things come together to help the baby get more milk. First your hormone levels are much higher when you breastfeed. The hormone oxytocin is the hormone which makes the muscles around your milk producing glands squeeze and shoot milk into the ducts. So the more oxytocin the more milk in the ducts.

    Next when the baby sucks at the breast he both uses suction (like the pump) and uses a milking action (like hand expressing) but because he is using both at the same time he gets more milk then you can.

    I have known mothers who have never been able to express any milk but their babies have grown well and put on weight.

    The other thing to remember about breastfeeding is BREAST CAPACITY. Breast capacity is the amount of milk you can hold in breast at any one time. Individual differences in breast capacity have been found to greatly affect feeding patterns. Babies whose mothers can store more milk may take longer feedings and breastfeed fewer times per day. Babies whose mothers have smaller breast capacity get plenty of milk but need to feed more times per day to stay happy and keep up their mother’s supply.

    Remember if a baby drinks 5 ozs 6 times a day he gets the same amount of milk as if he drinks 2.5 ozs 12 times a day. And both mothers are making about 30 ozs each day.

    The only way to see if your baby is getting enough is to look at the baby not the feeding patterns.

    Best wishes,

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