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Restaurants with highchairs in Hong Kong??

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    I live in the NT, and don't get to Central very often with baby. So I didn't give baby chairs too much thought. Until I made a last minute decision to meet a friend for lunch and then went in mass panic trying to find one. The Deli France I go to sometimes in Telford Gardens has a baby chair, so I thought I was safe to go to the one near LKF. How wrong was I. So even though it is a chain, not all of them have baby chairs. This time I was very lucky as my little girl decided to sit completely still on my lap while I fed her, and while I had something aswell. I had the same trouble in TST, but decided to buy a takeaway and ended up having a 'picnic' in Kowloon Park. So she sat in her pushchair watching the birds.

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    Thanks all. This is helpful information, especially to know which restuarants out there have highchairs. I cant believe how few do! And Stanley Wildfire only has booster seats - even though they have a separate play area for kids. Crazy! I think hotel restaurants are probably the way to go in addition to the others mentioned here. Thanks for everyone's input.

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    Yes, hotel restaurants are probably easiest. The JW Marriott's Cafe is great for kids. We take our 2-year-old and 1-year-old there quite often. The staff will bring out the toys, coloring kits, and plastic bowls/cups/cutlery.

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