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swim diapers

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    swim diapers

    saw that the last thread on swim diapers recommendadtion is about two years ago. so would like to see what are people using lately.

    baby is swimming almost everyday when weather permits, so Huggies is becoming prohibitively expensive. what are the reusable options that people are using when swimming? ideally something that would hold poo in well.

    Rani, you mentioned in a previous thread that you reuse the Huggies, does that still work with the Huggies out now? how many times will they last roughly?


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    D never did a poo or pee in the diapers, so we'd just rinse them and hang it up to dry. We used them 2-3 times.

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    You can get swim nappies at Bumps to Babes, I think bambino mio brand does them, as well as kushies. They are reusable, like cloth nappies.

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