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Baby monitors

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    Baby monitors

    I'm looking for a baby monitor. The audio ones are quite cheap. Do you think it's worth the extra hundreds to get a video one?

    Tomy seems to be a big brand and they have a few different models that I can't really tell the difference, though the prices do vary a lot. Their cheapest one is about HK$400 and their most expensive model is a digital one and costs almost HK$1,700, though it's still audio-only.

    AngelCare is about HK$1,300 and it can detect both sounds and movements.

    ToysRus has a Swann video monitor which costs HK$990.

    Do you think the audio ones are sufficient? Or I should get one which can detect movements/breathing as well? What about the video ones? Need your advice please!

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    I just use Chicco monitor recommended by some other moms; forgot price. It's been 3 mths now and i tend to turn it down instead of all the way up. Since every little sound is magnified and we dont want to jump on every occassion.
    Whether to use a video one depend on whther you or your helper will be using it I guess, not popular among my group of mommy friends.
    When it comes to electronic things I would go for the more expensive ones; they r more expensive for a reason I guess.

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    I had not a very expensive audio one which worked fine until I moved into a new flat. It started picking up sounds from outside the house - I once could hear a whispered conversation on it and it freaked me out !! I was alone at home and hubby was out of town. I guess if it's not of very good quality then it will pick up signals from the neighbour's phone etc.

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    I think the digital ones are better in that they do not pick up outside conversations (like above). Our first one was a popular Tomy model and we kept getting disturbed by other people's babies crying (I think a lot of people on the same street had the same model). We 'upgraded' to a digital and did not have that problem again.

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