My son wil be 1 in July.........
At the moment, I think he is too young to begin a structured program, despite many schools in HK offering programs from 12 months old.
We live in DB, and wish to send him to either Sunshine House or Discovery Mind, from 2 years onwards. (Perhaps, maybe something before then - but only if we feel he is ready and can cope......)

I would love to hear from any parents with children at either of these schools - both good experiences and bad. I have visited both schools briefly, and both sets of staff were very welcoming. I got a slightly better feeling about the 'look' of Sunshine House, and I like their 'learn through play' approach. I should say that I am not a fun of learning just through ROTE which is what I beliebe tends to happen at many HK pre-schools.

However we have friends whose kids have gone through DMK and praised it.

One difference noted was that at Sunshine they have some Mandarin every day, whereas at DMK is it twice weekly. Do you think this makes a difference to an English speaking child at 2-5 years of age? He will most likely attend the new ESF school in DB, so he will begin Mandarin then, anyway.

It may seem early to be thinking about it, but there's no point starting him off at playgroup type activities at one school, and then transferring him later.....

Please - don't be tentative - I am looking for any opinions: as blunt as you like!