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Breastfeeding and period

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    I think it really depends on the person. My period returned when my baby was 5 month old and still exclusively breastfeeding. She had been sleeping longer since about 3 months old. But there is a wide variation on what is normal so don't worry about it!

    It would be nice to have no periods while breastfeeding (I thought it unfair, when I was having to pump milk during my breaks at work, when I had to find time to change tampons as well!) but some people are trying to get pregnant to have their kids close together!

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    I got mine when I daughter was 19 months old. I was breastfeeding her on demand until she was 18 months old where I cut down her day feed gradually. Now, she is 20 months old and I just got my second period this week.

    I am actually quite glad for having my period back. I was told by my doctor that even though I didn't have period, I might get pregnant and couldn't count the due date.

    It is kind of weird for not having period for almost 2 years. Anyone has the same experience?

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    The key to delaying the return of menstruation is FREQUENT breastfeeding day and night.

    Researchers have found that if a baby is sleeping more than six hours at night, or going longer than four hours without nursing during the day, the mother's hormonal balance may be altered sufficiently for ovulation to recommence the period to return.

    Individual differences in the mother's body chemistry can of course either lengthen or shorten the period of natural infertility and the absence of periods.

    However, as a general principle exclusive breastfeeding.... frequent breastfeeding... nighttime breastfeeding are the key to delayed menstruation.

    Best wishes

    La Leche League Hong Kong
    (for other enquiries about breastfeeding pls. contact: [email protected]

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    Regarding this, I have my checkup again with my doctor and actually is not my period, is just the normal discharge of the lining of my uterus....since it just come one day and then stop and the flow is so little.

    Thanks for replying again.


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    breastfeeding and periods

    Quote Originally Posted by babi77

    I'm been breastfeeding for 3 months and today my period come again, what a surprise! Anyone have experienced this before?

    If you breastfeed exclusively and that means no bottles, water, juice...nothing, then your periods will not return. After solid food is introduced they will return gradually.
    Most breastfeeders on demand find their periods return sometime after 9 months.

    Check for really good advice and a laugh too

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