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Flight socks

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    Flight socks

    I am doing a long haul flight tomorrow at 25 weeks pregnant, and just went and bought some flight socks for the journey as I read somewhere they were meant to be good for avoiding DVT. However, when I read the back, it said i should seek medical advice if pregnant before using them. Any one else ever used them or know why I should be careful if i do? Has it got anything to do with if you've got high blood pressure?

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    I bought two pairs & wore them on three long haul flts since I've been pregnant. My doctor highly advised them for my flts early on in my pregnancy...I'm sure your Dr. would too, but perhaps you should call and ask.

    As a matter of fact, I still put them on every morning before I get out of bed. (I have alot of water retention).

    The socks were such a huge help on the flts...& still are.

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