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Adventist semi-private versus Matilda ward room

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    Adventist semi-private versus Matilda ward room

    The charges for Adventist semi-private room (2 occupants) is slightly more than Matilda's 3-person ward room. I plan to look at both as I may end up choosing one of them for delivery. But will anyone please share their impressions about the two?

    Also, other than the number of occupants what is the difference between ward rooms, semi-private rooms, and private rooms in terms of facilities and conveniences?

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    I recently spent three days in a semi private ward at the Adventist with gastrointeritus (not something you would normally be hospitalised before but as I am 24 weeks pregnant they were worried about dehydration etc.).

    I'd also been told that more often than not you end up with a semi private ward to yourself- but apparently now Hong Kong's private hospitals are busy all the time, and I only just got a bed.

    There was someone else in the room the entire time I was there and because they were there first they got the better bed, next to the window and the toilet! There is a toilet and shower in the room for you to share which is no problem, except for when the other patient has guests and then you have to go past them in not so attractive hospital wear, and this can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

    Also it can be a bit of a problem if you wish to sleep and they have guests, or want to watch TV and vice versa for them as well.

    But it is still possible to have plenty of privacy etc. And the room was comfortable enough although there wasn't a lot of room for visitors. They were pretty relaxed on the rules concerning visitors though, you are only suppose to have visitors at a time, and the visiting hours are set at 9am-9pm; but the nurses turned a blind eye to this and my husband often stayed beyond 9pm (however so did the husband of the patient sharing the room with me, another patient may not feel so comfortable with this).

    The food was ok- you can order what you want from the menu, and so did my husband, but if I was there for delivery ( we are considering semi private room in Adventist v semi private ward in Matilda for delivery) then I would get my husband to bring me food (0r you can order from dial a dinner etc.).

    The nurses were very nice- my obstetrican is not keen on the Adventist because he thinks they have too many young and inexperienced nurses; and I have to say that some of the nurses I had were great; and others were very young and in experienced (it took one of the nurses 20 minutes just to get an IV into my hand!)

    We are still considering the Adventist for delivery, but the Matilda is our favourite at the moment, but for a semi private room again.

    I think the best thing to do is to go and visit the hospitals- that way you can see for yourself, and ask them any questions you may have.

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    I stayed in the ward room in Adventist when I gave birth to my baby boy last year. When I checked in, I was the only one so I chose the one right next to the window which I guess had the most privacy. If you are lucky, you might get the whole place to yourself (which i did the first night). Overall, it was a good experience for me. The nurses were really friendly and patient. I am comparing this to my stay at the semiprivate ward at HK Sanatorium when I had my elder boy. There, the nurses were mostly local, and older therefore I think they tend to nag a bit and were quite impatient at times.
    I have heard that Matilda is basically like a hotel so if money is not a problem (fully insured!), by all means right!!

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    I agree with the previous posted.

    My only experience has been at the Aventist and the Valley Sanatarium.
    The Aventist was fantastic in comparison and the nurses totally wonderful.

    Again have also heard that Matilda is the best place for giving birth though.


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    I gave birth in Matilda and had a private room. The reason we decided to get the private room was because my husband could stay with me since we don't live in Hong Kong. Apparently husbands are not allowed to stay in shared rooms. They said that I gave birth during high season (july) but I didn't feel that it was very least on the private side. It was still very quiet and I got a lot of attention from the midwives. So overall, a very good experience from Matilda. =)

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