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My landlord refuses to repair the fridge

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    My landlord refuses to repair the fridge


    The rubber ring attached on the door of my freezer is falling apart but my landlord(a professional service company) seems to refuse to do anything about it. They did not return my calls and claimed that the fridge was quite new.

    I have some problems with one particular staff/service man from the landlord's company who is responsible for our block as he becomes more and more impatient and even rude to my request of repairing things.

    What can I do?


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    we had a similar problem with ours when it came to the aircons needing repair. after much arguing, we finally wrote a letter saying that according to the contract she will repair any wear and tear on items within the flat that are in the lease, ie aircon, fridge, washing machine etc. and that we would have someone come to fix it and then deduct it from the monthly rent. she was qute upset and even said when we renew the contract she's change it to us repairing things. her arguement was because we were using the aircon a lot we should fix it --- but who doesn't use their aircon in hk?????? we said that we had nothing to do with the leaking and had we have tried to repair it and then damaged it, the responsibility should lie with us.

    anyways i'm not sure how it will work with the fridge but if it belongs to her perhaps you should find out from the tenancy and lease dept of the govt? i'm not quite sure.

    good luck!

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    A normal contract should include a clause saying that the landlord is responsible for repairing or taking care of normal wear and tear.

    A little bit of lateral thinking would lead to belive that you're paying for the usage of the supplied appliances, in your rent and that the landlord should take care of it.

    Unfortnately, most landlords don't understand this and act pretty unprofessionally. In this case, I'd recommend using the consumer council to negotiate, if they landlord is a management company.

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