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Enfamil A+ with Iron in Oz

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    Enfamil A+ with Iron in Oz

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether Enfamil A+ is easily available in Australia. My son is 2.5 months old now and is taking S26 Gold since birth, however, we noticed that he's put on a lot of weight and always has milia on his face. The paediatrician says that the rash is normal and will come and go till about 4 months and unless he has obvious allergies or diahrea from S26 that there's no need to swap to another brand. I've heard that Enfamil A+ is quite popular in HK and though we're still living in HK, we'll be moving back to Oz at the end of year so I need to know if I can buy Enfamil A+ at most pharmacies in Australia before changing the forumla. Thanks!

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    They don't sell Enfamil formula in Australia.. (I mean all over Australia). The brand variety they carry is limited as compared to HK. As far I remember, they sell, S26 (Gold & normal), NAN (Gold & Normal), Karicare (by Nutricia) and some other home brands which you may not be aware of.

    What I do is to buy bunch of Enfamil formula from HK or US and bring it here. As long as you are travelling with your baby, you are fine (of course you still need to report to the customs).

    If your baby is using S26 now, why you want to change Enfamil ? (though I am more an advocate of Enfamil than S26). I have tried NAN and Karicare here as well and my baby preferred NAN than Karicare. They also sell NAN in HK too and some of my friends are using it and they are happy with it. Of course, when it comes to formula, you need to see how well you baby likes or adapts to it, not us....ha.. hope it helps.

    What part of Australia are you moving to ?

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    I would like to know if there is any store that sells Karicare Gold Starter formula in HK?

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