we bought the Graco Cocoon. it cost around $1500 - $1700 depending where. i think Toys R Us has it. its from birth to 4 yrs old, lightweight, opens & closes with one hand without you having to bend down to pick it up and has a shoulder strap so you can leave your hands free. we looked at a few lightweight Combi strollers and they just felt really flimsy and the whole thing would rattle and shake as you pushed it. the Graco was definetely miles better.

apart from the steriliser, it's useful to get a sealed box so that you can store all your baby bottles and equipment after sterilising unless you have a huge refirgerator.

other things we couldn't live without - grobags, muslin cloths (can be used as bibs, mopping up stuff and as a lightweight blanket), sleep positioner (as our baby was able to flip on her side from week 1), good size nappy bag (we bought the ones available at Bumps to Babes - forgot the brand name, begins with A)

hope that helps