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strollers & carseats- age clarification

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    strollers & carseats- age clarification

    Hi. I realize that there have been lots of comments on this, but I still can't get a clear picture of what parents use when a child is a newborn vs. slightly older. I am looking to buy the quinny buzz and use it with the maxi cosi car seat for my newborn. I understand that a baby will fit into this carseat until anywhere between 6 to 15 months. However, after the baby outgrows this carseat, what do you with the 6+ month old when in a taxi? Ideally, I would still want the 6+ month old in a carseat, but that seems impractical when I also need to use a stroller- I haven't seen a stroller that adapts to fit a carseat for an older child. If it weren't for the fact that we need to use a taxi (don't have a car), this issue would be so much more straightforward.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Unfortunatley, when they grow out of the baby carriers there isn't much you can do.
    You can either not travel in a taxi, hold them in your lap, or put them on the floor ( not the cleanest but supposedly the safest place!)

    There is a portable 5 point harness that you can buy ( the joey something? anyone else know what this is called?) but I believe it is for a bigger child.

    Buy a light easy fold stroller and take the bus for a few months. Definatley NOT possible with a Quinny Buzz!

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