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2 caesareans then VBAC?

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    2 caesareans then VBAC?

    just wondered if you'd heard of anyone having a natural birth after 2 caesareans. have spoken to a well known doctor and a midwife about it already, who have both said it is still possible even though it would be a low possibility and also be at risk.

    since both my caesareans were done at 41 weeks plus, producing big babies ie, over 8 pounds each, even though i am under 5 foot, and i had failed to have almost any dilation at all and never went into labour at all even after being induced for 3 days the first time, just wondered if anyone had a similar experience and was able to successfully have a vbac.

    could be my last chance to try and i know so many other women who have only had repeat caesareans, who feel as impotent as i did each time, and i think can lead to post natal depression in some.

    have found many sites from uk and usa of women who have had vbac after 2 or even 3 caesareans, but notably all had them delivered at home and the reasons of the first caesareans were usually due to the baby's complications ie, breech or foetal distress, rather than lack of labour. i realise that there is basically zero support for homebirths here in hk, as midwives here are not allowed to deliver babies themselves without an obstretic doctor.

    am having dilemna about what to do as am planning to have baby at queen mary again, and know from previous experience that they will pressurise me to have caesarean as soon as they can. actually have an elective date already propsed to me.

    any information you can pass on?

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