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Speech Development

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    Cool Speech Development

    Hi, I have a 20 month old daughter. She speaks a lot and is making snetences such as " are you coming" "I got it" " I did it" Where are you" and her understanding is great. I am just worried that her words are not that clear. Sometimes she will babble on and no one can understand her. With the exception of certain words that she says very well. I know every child develops differently. Another concern is that she says certian words incorrectly such as "movie" she says "foovie" Or for "cinderella" she says "llella". Should I be correcting her grammar everytime she says it incorrectly so it does not become habit- saying things wrong? My friends baby is 3 months younger and is very clear in saying words or copying words. My daughter is not that clear when she copies them.
    Any advice would be great

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    Your right every child does develop differently and it sounds like your daughter is doing well.
    We use language to communicate our needs and at the moment your daughter's needs are being met by the words that she uses. You might find when she starts interacting with other people outside the family that she automatically starts becoming clearer so that her needs are met. Young children often babble away to themselves, she's developing her own voice and this running commentary helps her to process her thoughts.
    Personally I wouldn't make a big thing about correcting her. With my children if they make an error with their speech I just repeat it back to them correctly, but don't point out to them that's what I'm doing. In this way they hear the correct version, but aren't put down by their mistake. Once they've heard the correct version a few times they have usually picked it up and use it themselves.
    I hope that helps.


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    my son is 17 months and basically only babbles away... there is the odd occassion when i think that he has repeated something that i've said, but i can't get him to do it again.

    i'm not at all concerned as he has a few languages to cope with and he understands both English and Cantonese at about the same level.

    i know that it will all come when he's ready....

    i would suggest that if you baby is not talking at all by 2 then, have it checked out. other than that, relax and enjoy the little mistakes... they're half the fun of watching them grow...

    i just to say "pork and poon" instead of fork and spoon...
    my brother said" heppatoppa" for helicopter ...

    we are both well spoken individuals now. don't dwell on the little things, but if they make a say something like "lella" just say, "oh, you mean CINDERELLA!"

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    well spoken, but obviously not very good at typing! please excuse all my typos in the last post!

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