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Baby studio

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    Yes of course I clicked on the website individual pics, that's the only reason I wrote. Here's what I mean: Click on Yin Shun's page 1: page 2 has some disembodied hands attracting the babies attention; page 4 has a the top of someone's head cropped on the bottom of photo; Click oTung Ting and Yin Yan page 1, there is 1/2 of big sister's body in the picture, page 5 the family shots Mom and Big Sis are leaning towards the center when there's lots of space left in the shot; lots of the shots the kids have the same expression, etc.

    Anyways, I've got nothing against BabyFace of course, and I'm just an ameteur photog. Glad you did get your value for money.

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    OIC, i am just a bb mami and dont know photograh at all. thanks for sharing your advices. frankly speaking, for such price, i dont expect any such kind of bb studios will give me all 50 photos (its a hugo number comparing to those expensive studios) have professional feel.

    In fact, 2 of my selected photos have some disembodies, but they have cropped it away for me. my husband also like photography and he also has no compliant on our photos. he hate other bb studio's stereotype composition/angles. he told me that it is not a must to place the subject at the center of the photos and this will make the photos look more....dynamic something...(i forgot). but i do argee with you, for the family photos, they should adjust the photos before forward to the client.

    for the photo in Yin Shun's page 2 (no. 0034), i do think it is very interesting (from a mother's view), lot of hands/people cheeing up the bb. Upon grown-up and see it again, i think the bb will feel sweet and surprised. :)

    My husband have almost compared all bb studios at such price level. (around 1k) He told me that only this babyface like a photog. studio and seems doing photography and not like others being a publishing factory. so, we went there.

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