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Does anybody know Doctor Connie Leung?

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    Does anybody know Doctor Connie Leung?

    Hello, girls.

    My doctor is Connie Leung. Do you have any experiance with her?
    Clinic on Causeway bay.


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    My first child was delivered by Dr. Leung. In my opinion, she is a very nice and patient doctor (a little motherly!) I went to her for all my postnatal checkups and pap smears... but when I was pregnant the 2nd time, I changed gynae. The reason simply being she was too expensive the first time round. There were a lot of miscellanous fees (hidden costs) that we weren't told and the hospital bill came out way over our budget. When I asked her about the fees the second time, she also wouldn't give us any details, just told us to ask the nurse.
    If you are fully covered by insurance, then she is good. but I still think she needs to be more open about her fees.

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