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Underweight Mommy

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    huisia is offline Registered User
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    Don't worry, my friend is around your size too, she was just gained 8kg throughout her pregnancy. Everyone said she was too spratting, likewise, she suffered a bad morning sickness that could vomit everything out at her first trimester, but she delivered a baby around 3.3kg.

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    Pre-pregnancy weight - 59kgs
    Lost 4 kgs in first trimester
    Currently 23 weeks pregnant - 57.5 kgs
    Doc hasn't mentioned anything at all so I'm relaxed. Had an ultrasound last week everything is ok.

    It was pretty much the same for my first pregnancy
    was 60 kgs before pregnancy
    lost 3 kgs in first trimester
    71 kgs at term
    since it was the first time I freaked out and worried a lot but not this time.

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    ceci1018 is offline Registered User
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    siu sai wan

    4kg gained at 29weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by Buckeroo
    I gained a total of only 14 LBS when I was pregnant and had a healthy 7-LB baby. And this is without morning sickness or anything at all. I ate like a cow because I felt I shd be 'eating for 2.' I, too, was worried about not gaining as much as I thought I should, but my doctor said to count myself lucky... As long as your doctor believes that you are fine, don't stress too much about it. Wish I'm as 'slim' now as when I was pregnant --LOL!
    I am 38 yrs, 160cm with 49kg before I get pregnant (1st time). Up to now (29weeks), only 4kg gained. I am pretty fit without any morning sickness at all. Eat plenty of fruit, veggie, milk and whole grains plus swimming 3 to 4 times a week. Except at 21st weeks, I was checked to have gestational diabetes which I need to have low carbohyrates meal, since then my weight dropped from 54kg to 52kg in one month. Doctor said the baby size is ok and just relaxed and eat a little more of the carbo. Now, I am 53 kg and hopefully, I will gain a few more kilo by full term.
    One thing good for slim pregnant mother as you don't have to exercise a lot after giving birth in order to shed those extra weight.

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    I understand there are many reasons for women not to put on much weight through pregnancy ... I have known several women who have lost lots of weight in the first trimester due to morning sickness who have very healthy, beautiful children now ... and I have another friend who has such a high motabolism through pregnancy she did not gain much weight (she was eating lots) and she has a very healthy baby boy now.

    .. but as an ex anorexic (many years ago) and obsessive gym'er, I do worry that some people reading these posts may come to the conclusion that it is ok not to eat much during pregnancy (because your baby will take what it needs anyway). Dieting and over excercising is such a main stream obsession these days ... I am probably worrying for no reason but just in case there are expecting ladies reading this thinking its ok not to eat here are a few facts:

    1. Your body normally uses glucose to meet its energy needs. Glucose comes from the carbohydrate in your diet. A healthy, balanced diet should provide you with all the glucose your body needs, so that ketosis does not take place. However, if your body does not have enough glucose, perhaps because your diet is very low in carbohydrates or you are starving yourself, it will begin ketosis to obtain energy from its stored fats instead. As a result of this, the ketone levels in your blood will rise. Prolonged ketosis can be dangerous as it can change the acidity of your blood beyond the level that your body can tolerate. This can eventually lead to serious damage to your liver and kidneys.

    2. Studies have linked excessive amounts of ketones in the mothers system whilst pregnant to learning disabilities later in life for the baby.

    3. Anything less than 1800 caloreis per day is for the majority of pregnant women is not sufficient. (Many experts feels that 2000 to 2300 is safer).

    4. Even fat women are usually encouraged not to diet through pregnancy because of the risks involved to the baby.

    5. For the average adult who is not pregnant:

    - Acute starvation - less than 600 calories/day for less than two weeks.
    -Semiacute starvation - less than 1100 calories/day for less than 30 days.
    - Moderate semistarvation - less than 1600 calories/day for as long as 24 weeks.

    Take care and good luck to everyone and your bumps.

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