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Bottle vs Nipples

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    Bottle vs Nipples

    I started to feed 1 meal (mid-night) in formula to my baby when she's 1 month old, she'd been doing that ok for about 2 weeks, and suddenly, there's one nite that she started to reject bottle and only likes to drink from my breast. Why is that? Any solution?

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    My girl (9mth) seems to be refusing the bottle these days too. She has also become more attached to me - whenever she see me, she wants me to carry and not any one else.

    The other night I trick her to drink from the bottle: I offer her my breast first, then half way through I stop her and offer the bottle. I am doing this b'cos she wakes up too many times in the night and I suspect my breast milk is not enough for her.

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    Fo Tan

    Have you tried different bottle nipples? Some brands claim to be more "natural" than others and they do come in different shapes and angles.

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    My girl was like that too when I was breastfeeding her. She started off to be OK with the bottle at the very beginning, but I don't pump out every time (lazy)...and then she started to establish her preference and prefer to be breastfed, since I work from home, I didn't make any attempt to correct her preference, but then you could tell that I couldn't be away from her for too long as she would really ignore the bottle and prefer to wait till I got home. This lasted until she turned 8 months old when I weaned her. It was easy to switch her back to the bottle and formula then, perhaps it was because I had also started her with solids. But I did a little trick to help her switch easier, she loves to fall asleep whenever I let her latch on, in the middle of it, I'd release myself and stuck the bottle into her mouth.

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