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Potato crisps are not the answer!

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    Potato crisps are not the answer!


    I'm in week seven and the nausea has begun to up the ante. For some reason, my brain is convinced that eating salty potato crisps will solve all my nausea problems, and put a stop to the middle east crisis to boot. I'm quite happy to eat the odd pack of chips every now and then, but I don't want this to be a six-week strategy!

    Does anyone have any healthy alternatives for me that may do the trick?

    So far I'm aware of these tips:

    - eat small meals regularly (makes sense, I feel sickest when I'm hungry)
    - smell ginger/drink ginger tea (have tried ginger biscuits with minimal impact, yet to purchase the tea)
    - eat crackers before sleep and before getting out of bed (my sickness seems to come on strongest in the early evening though)
    - use deep breathing to subdue strong waves of nausea (this seems to work!)

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    Tangy candies may help too when you are out and about - although not the healthiest. When I had those bouts of nausea while out, I used to eat a 'mentos' candy (the lemon, orange, or grape) flavored ones and that helped a bit.

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    i would say that if the nausea is REALLY bad and you crave one thing... go for it... even if it is for 6 weels... you'll have about 30 weeks afterward to eat healthy for the baby...

    with my first, i was losing so much weight, i couldn't even think of food without heaving...hubby would ask me what i wanted for dinner and i would start... couldn't open the kitchen door... or go into park'n'shop...

    went to the doctor, she told me to give into any cravigns i had even if it was for junk food... like i said, you'll have 30 weeks after to eat healthy and something in your tummy is better than nothing!

    if the nausea is really bad, ask for an anti-nausea medication at your next dr appt. it helps take the edge off, but doesn't get rid of the feeling completely....

    hang in there... the end is soooo worth it!

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    Sucking on lemon slices helps sometimes.

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    i also experienced unbelievably strong cravings for crisps around week seven. this was strange because i would never normally eat them! i gave in to my cravings and was quite sorry as they gave me a horrid stomach ache.

    i suggest that you try a basic cereal with or without milk. special k, cheerios, corn bran, etc. the taste may not be spectacular, but you will at least get some nutrition in your body. i think that proper nutrition is the key to combating those lovely first trimester symptoms.

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