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The perfect lightweight stroller

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    The perfect lightweight stroller

    I'm on a quest for the perfect lightweight stroller. I'm looking for something that is:

    - light weight
    - easy to open and shut
    - compact/easy to cary when folded
    - has a basket
    - can hang bags from
    - can add a toddler standing board to (and idealy fold without taking the board off. That may be a dream though)
    - is fairly tall or has adjustable handles (so we're not hunched over when pushing)

    Any suggestions??? What's your favorite?

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    According to me it'd be Maclaren VOLO. Only 3.8kg (if I'm not wrong), a fair size basket underneath, easy to fold (you have to bend down though, just like all Maclaren models), handle is high and can be used to hang bags from. But be careful, don't overload the bags on the handle or the stroller will tip to the back


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