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has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy?

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy?

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I have a feeling like I might be having one. I'm having some serious pain on my left side of my abdomen. It's been coming and going for a few days now, but today it has just really hit hard. It's been constant for the last 15 minutes, and it really hurts. I haven't really had any other symptoms like bleeding or pain in my shoulder etc, but it just worries me. I've read several websites that all say it's really hard to diagnose before 6 weeks, and I'm not 6 weeks yet. Only about 5 weeks 3 days or something like that. Oh, one other factor is that when I was pregnant w/ Maya, I had abdominal surgery to remove a large cyst that was attached to my fallopian tube, and that's an increased risk factor for ectopic pregnancies. (And the cyst was on my left side as well). I haven't been to a doctor yet for any prenatal checkups, so I'm not really sure what to do. We're going the public route because we have no health insurance.

    Please, please if you have any experience with this, what were your symptoms, when did you know something wasn't right, what did your doctor do? etc. And what are my options as a public patient? Should I just go to the ER at Queen Mary, or should I try to schedule an appt. with a doctor, or what? I really have no idea.

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    if you're in pain, go to the a & e at Queen Mary!

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    I agree ..

    I have not had an ectopic, but it does sound as though you are in some pain, which although is not unusual through pregnancy - some women get very bad cramps throughout - should really be checked out.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter (now almost 2) I had very bad pains on one side - for me it turned out that I had quite a sever water infection. It could be a number of things but I would say get it checked out.

    You can never be too paranoid through pregnancy.

    Take care and good luck

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    I have had an ectopic. I had bad pains in my left side which I ignored, I did not know I was pregnant, but also had shoulder blade pains. I kept going until I could not stand the pain anymore and went to the doctors. The only way I could describe the pain was by saying it felt like I had a short sharp kick up the bits!! The doc thought it was appendicitis until he did a urine test but and discovered I was pregnant soI insisted on an internal scan and discovered it was indeed an ectopic pregnancy. They operated and the tube ruptured so they had to remove it. I have since had 3 children but each pregnancy I worried about every tweak and twinge. Please go and get it checked out!!

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