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HELP-7mth baby & Maidless!

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    HELP-7mth baby & Maidless!

    Does anyone know of any good maids looking for an employer and who likes to look after Babies? We need one urgently! Both my husband and I work and we dont have full time help...

    We have been very unlucky with hiring maids to look after our baby who is now 7mths and we have gone through 3 maids already.

    The 1st one Filipino has been in HK for over 14yrs and was very sly and uncorporative. She ran up her mobile bill and lawyers were sending letters to sue her at our address, she asked us for money and when turned her down she turned into an ugly animal.

    2nd one, Indonesia 2yrs experience in Singapore. Very hard working but was terrible with baby (dont think she like children). Eventually she made my mother-in-law cry and we had to get rid of her.

    3rd one. Filipino who has not worked overseas before, worked for us for 5 days and told us she is homesick and looking after our 7mth baby made her miss her 2yr boy at home!!

    This has been so stressful apart from the financial loss of paying the maids notice, airfares, agency fees it is also very draining for my husband and I.
    We have a lovely baby daughter who is always cheerful and so easy to look after but it seems hiring maids is such a nightmare for us!

    Hope someone out there know of a good maid they can refer us to.


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    Don't know whether you are still looking for a maid or not. Try to call this lady if you wish.

    Naning at 9719-4518

    She is Indonesian maid.

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    omg cheeky. that sounds horrible, feel so sorry for you, i bet it's super stressful to have to go thru that. i don't know of immediate maids available, but not sure if you want to go thru an agent, takes the pressure of you for screening, and all the paper work etc. we've used this small agency for over 20yrs. maybe you can call to see if he knows of any immediate availability. also, if you fire a maid they hire, you still pay for leave, plane tix. etc. but they could handle all the formalities and also be responsible for finding you a replacement.
    he is Mr. Wan 25871234

    other suggestion, my friend's mom always hires herself, via supermarket postings. she would ask the person to come for a 'test-run' for a week (paid i guess), and then proceed with the contract and all if it's ok. disclaimer, i'm not sure if it is completely legal, but if you have such horrible experiences before, maybe worth thinking about.

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