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HK baby stores

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    SyL is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Sheung Wan

    I think, due to regulations, products need to be exported out of China and then imported back to its ports; resulting in higher pricing. For example, eventhough Nike is known to be made in China, you'll find much cheaper prices in the US. I have colleagues that would stock up on Nike while traveling to US from China. Ridiculous, eh? I do feel China exports all it's quality items out and keeps very low quality for domestic sale.

    We plan to shop 'til we drop at Hugo Boss, Macy's, Target, etc., on our next trip to US. Really.

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    Depending on your particular brand, you can get diapers in either supermarkets (Wellcome or Park n Shop) or the pharmacy (Watsons or Mannings) here. They should have some on the plane too, if you let them know in advance what size you need.

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    I bought stroller/carseat, exersaucer and diaper genie plus a whole lotta other stuff in the U.S. You are right - it is cheaper and worth it! I went crazy in the Babies R Us and Target.

    I regret not buying all the breast pump equipment in the US as well - so much more selection and at cheaper prices too!

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