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How to best mix private & public prenatal care?

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    How to best mix private & public prenatal care?

    Hello! I'm 5 weeks pregnant and would like to mix public & private prenatal care to keep costs down but without compromising my chances of having the healthiest baby possible. So, my question is two-fold. Firstly, how often and when should I visit a doctor throughout my pregnancy (according to the "Girlfriend's Guide" book a total of about 12 visits is average) and briefly what should happen at each visit? Secondly, what are the really important doctor's visits (e.g. screening for Dwon's etc.) for which a private doctor's time and attention are desireable?


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    I don't know how many visits you should have- but I first went to my obstetrician (private) at 8 weeks and saw him every two weeks until 13 weeks.
    Then I had a nuchal transluency scan and blood test (13 weeks); as well as a fetal abnormality scan(20 weeks), and then from 13 weeks saw my obstetrician once a month.
    From 28 have been seeing obstetrician every two weeks; but he has said that by ninth month this could go down to every week. At 28 weeks I had a diabetes test.
    This is all through the private system. Sorry no idea about public system!

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    it also depends on your circumstances...for both of my pregnancies, i've had complications. because of this, i've seen the dr every week to 2 weeks throughout.

    thank god i go private or the costs for my pregnancies would be mind-boggling!

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