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hospital supplies

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    hospital supplies

    Hi everyone. I am currently trying to pack my bag(s) for my delivery and stay at Queen Mary's . From the list they supply does anyone know what a 'protertine sheet' is and where I can buy one. On a previous thread someone suggested DB but it isn't very close or convenient. Also where can I get the maternity pads and belt (do you really have to wear them or can you just wear maternity san. towels with nickers on?).

    There seems to be tonnes of stuff missing off the list. May be queen mary's provide it? What about baby clothes, towels for drying off after bathing/showering, breast pads, etc.

    Anyone got advice about the essentials. My bags are gradually increasing in size!

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    The baby store next to Tsan Yuk sells the sheets, as well as Wing On.

    Baby will probably wear hospital clothing, you only need going home clothes.

    Breast pads and big bath towel - Bring your own.

    Watsons and Mannings sell the old style maternity pads. Get a couple, and 2 packets of regular sanitary pads (long and winged). You'll probably only need one in the hospital, keep the other at home.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    rule of thumb...
    QMH only provides hopsital care...NOTHING else.
    don't forget tissue/toilet roll just in case they run out.
    eyepatch for sleeping
    earplugs (absolutely esssential!!!!!)

    the prot? pads are put under you on the bed so you don't make the bed yucky...

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    Looks like QMH is very popular one. I'm not sure about Union Hospital, anybody have an idea? Please advise....


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    Union Hosital

    Hi Sarah

    We have an appointment at Union Hosiptal next week, but that is just for an oscar test and scan. It is our first time there so we will enquire about other services...checking them on the internet it seems ok. I think the website is;

    I hope that helps...will let you know about the hospital...

    Take care


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    Hi Sarah and Dave,

    I gave birth at the Union hospital in Aug 2005. I only chose this hospital due to it's close proximity since I live in Sheung Shui and was worried about travelling time. The hospital itself was nice and comfortable, the midwife assigned to me was fantastic and I had a great labour and birth experience. My husband stayed with me all the time, and even ordered food for himself from the canteen. I was transferred to a private room during my labour and then went into the delivery suite when I was 8cm dilated. I was quite flexible with my birth plan, and since I was induced I was more or less confined to the bed but I didn't feel like moving around anyway. At the delivery room, I used the birthing chair which I'm sure helped me have an easy delivery.

    Having said that, I would consider a different private hospital next time due to the following complaints.

    Firstly, I had always planned on having a private room but when I checked in, all private rooms were full so I had no choice but to share. This meant my husband was unable to stay overnight and I couldn't have my baby room in with me.

    Unless you have a private room, they are unable to bring baby to you for breastfeeding. You have to go to the nursery and breastfeed with all the other mothers. The nurses are always on hand to help with breastfeeding and offer tips. However they prefer to breastfeed according to a 3-4 hour schedule. If you want to breastfeed on demand, you have to be firm and ask to be called whenever baby cries.

    Mothers are allowed access to the nursery 24 hours, but Dads are only allowed in for 1/2 hour each night, and you have to book the slot in advance. The only other way they get to see baby is by viewing through the nursery window at set times during the day.

    There isn't any hands-on baby care. They only show you instructional VCDs.

    I believe the hospital has undergone major renovations since last year, and you may want to take the hospital tour, and check if they have changed any of their policies.

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    Union hospital haven't changed their policy on dads visiting the nursery, according to a friend who gave birth there in July this year. She had a C section (unplanned) under general anaesthetic and neither of them got to see the baby for 24hrs! Husband wanted to see the baby while wife was recovering, but they said no because he didn't have an appointment. I'm not making this up... shocking isn't it?!

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