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Helpers and HK Immigration officers

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    Helpers and HK Immigration officers

    My helper recently arrived back in HK from the Philippines. She has a current employment contract and visa, due to end in November 2007.
    On her arrival, she was asked for her 'new contract'. She explained that she had been away for a number or weeks, as we were on holiday. The officer didn't want to allow her entry without her 'new contract'. Her current contract is only 7-8 months old.

    Am I missing something? There is nothing on the HK immigration department website about limits of travel - only that their limit of stay expired when their visa/contract is over.

    Am I missing some information - or is this just another case of HK Immigration acting like pigs towards people (especially women) non-Chinese of darker skin?

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    Hello Happy,

    That's really bad, the best thing you need to do is to call directly to the Immigration Department here in HK and tell/explaine them about this case. Try to call this Immigration number: 25980888.

    Good Luck

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    When my helper went on vacation to the Philippines (her contract was about 7 months old) she had to go the Philippine Consulate and get a piece of paper explaining her departure. I had to provide a letter stating that she was on vacation from x time to x time. At the time I thought it was crazy but I guess immigration being immigration, she knew what she was doing. Immigration work by a set of rules and find it very difficult to deal with those 'out of the box' concepts that are entirely legal.

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    I think the Immigration Dept expect a supporting letter. My ex-helper asked me to write one as well. She took her annual leave before her contract expired.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I will certainly write her a supporting letter if it happens again.
    However, I still have three problems with this neccessity:
    1. There is nothing in either her contract with us, or in the visa requirements that says that she cannot go abroad during the year. There is no mention anywhere on the HK Immigration website that such a letter is needed. So, in my view, this is another way that HK Immigration harrasses non-Chinese women of darker skin.
    2. If the Philippine Consulate gives a supporting document, they will surely charge a fee for the 'service'. I'm pretty sure that the PC already make a lot of money out of their citizens working here - sure, it gets pumped back into jobs at the Consulate, but it's yet another way that these women are exploited out of their hard earned money. The attitude of the staff at the PC infuriated me every time I went there.
    3. Our helper also travelled overseas at Xmas. She wasn't asked for a letter at that time - so either the lettersare needed or not - the HK Immigration should be consistant. (I know - asking from consistancy from a HK gov department is like asking for it to snow in HK.........)

    I am writing a letter to HK Immigration, detailing the offensive comments that were made to my helper, and re-iterating that if they require extra evidence for Domestic Helpers to leave and enter HK mid-contract, then it should be a stipulation of the contract, and formalised in the requirements of hiring a domestic helper - not just something that you need to find out about on an informal website.

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