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Term Times

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    Term Times

    Our daughter has just started at a local kindergarten and coming from the UK, it's come as a bit of a shock that there are only two terms with hardly any holidays. Certianly no half terms, long Christmas or Easter breaks. Her school hasn't determined when the term times are yet so can anyone advice on what the usual term times are or what they are for other local schools?

    Additionally, we've been used to going away several times a year. Obviously we want to minimise any disruption to her schooling so apart from the summer, can anyone advise on when the best time is to go away which will cause the least disruption.


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    I use to work in a local kindergarten and know what you mean about the holidays! The Christmas and Easter holidays, where I worked were based around the public holidays as decided by the government., So for Christmas there are two or three public holidays and then the school use to add one or two days either side to make a 5-7 day holiday. And then the same with the Easter holiday too.

    The one holiday the school will definetly have, and definetly take seriously in times of closing and time off is Chinese New Year! Some local schools close for a week for the holiday, others for two weeks. CNY is the most important holiday of the year. However it is also the busiest and most expensive time to go anywhere from Hong Kong, so it's best to book early for flights and accomodation if you plan to travel within Asia and to book flights early if you plan to go to Europe/States etc.

    Hope that helps.

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