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Ocassional post C-section pain

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    Ocassional post C-section pain

    Does anyone who had c-section still suffer from twinge of pain from the surgery after recovery period?

    I had mine almost 3.5 years ago, and my abdomen near the cut area sometimes still throbs and hurts. I know after delivery I talked to my OB/Gyn and she mentioned that it takes a while for the internal tissues to heal, but it has been quite a while, and I would have thought it is more than adequate healing time. Anyone else have this problem?

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    I had mine 20 months ago and the area is still sensitive. I also had some pain for almost 12 months after which someones comes back for a few minutes.

    It is better though than the types of things that natural birth women face so I'm not too worried about it.

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    Reaction to stitches?

    I had a bad reaction to my stitches all along my scar. You couldn't see anything on the surface, it all looked normal, but deeper under the scar it felt uneven and sometimes twinge of pain. It ended up being the stitches that are meant to dissolve that surgeons often use to stitch deeper tissue, it was not until my scar was reopened on another surgery that my OBGYN told me that extra scar tissue had formed around those deeper stitches. They needed to be removed and replaced with another kind of soluble stitches and then the sensitivity and twinges stopped. I also thought it was strange to have such a prolongued recovery from a scar.
    You really shouldn't have pain after 3.5 years unless something isn't as it should be.

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    A friend of mine seen a kinesiologist and he said that the part of her body that had the surgury had become defensive, and clothes rubbing on the area was triggering it, after seeing him her pain was gone. This is his website it does not say anything about this but might be worth asking him some questions.

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