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Swimming lessons for babies

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    Swimming lessons for babies

    My baby is almost 5 months old now. I have heard that the best time to get babies started on swimming is the first six months, when they exhibit no fear for water. However, I have tried asking a few swimming schools, most notably Harry Wright Intl Ltd, and have been frustratingly disappointed by the utterly unhelpful (and unresponsive) response.

    Wondering if anyone has good recommendations. Ideally I would like to have one-on-one private lessons. Better yet if the instructor could make home visits and offer instructions on site (ie in the building's swimming pool).

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    You should contact ESP Educational Services directly. Their Parent & Infant classes are run by HWI too. My daughter, 4.5 months just start a class two weeks' ago with them, they are very good. Tel:2711 1280. I'm not sure whether they do private lessons though.
    You could also try Play Sports, they also have "Parents & baby" class

    Bear Lau:

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    Here's the ESF site

    I would forget about playsport. They don't get enough kids sign up for their swimming class and cancel them. Wish they were honest and tell you before you send in your cheque. Only found out our class was cancelled the day it was supposed to start and it was too late to sign up at ESF. Also getting a refund was a nightmare. Took 2 months.

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    Baby swim class

    Hi, I have just called ESF and they told me they do not have swimming classes for baby below 18 months. Is baby class not available anymore at ESF? Thanks.

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    My baby is ~4months old and I'm also looking for place to teach her to swim. I called ESF and was told that they only offer swim class for 18month+. I also called Harry Wright, but their weekend class for the autumn is full (Week days are still open). I read from previous thread that some books/DVDs are helpful (e.g. Learn to Swim, Waterproof babies, Water babies). Any idea to get them in Hong Kong?

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    Fo Tan

    The people at our apartment complex who run the swim lessons were more than happy to teach our LO. Just had to ask and then they had to find an open hour per week.

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