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Feeding yogurt to baby!!

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    gabitu_ola is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006

    Feeding yogurt to baby!!

    Can I feed my 7 1/2 baby yogurt at every meal? I buy the baby yogurt in 4 oz containers, and he usualy eats 1 of those plus 3 oz of formula with cereal. He has 4 meals per day. I tried to give his vegetables and fruits, but he vomits from them. He has GERD too.

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    miffylisa is offline Registered User
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    Feeding Yougurt


    I feed yougurt to my daughter when she is 7 months old almost every meal and she is fine. So, I guess as long as he is ok(with no running poo) and it is baby yougurt (full fat) then it does not matter. In eastern Europe, they will feed it to baby as soon as they will take it to "plant" some bateria into their system.

    Hope this help.


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    mrs momo is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    Which brand of yoghurt is suitable for babys? My baby is 8mths old and today I bought Yoplait's Petit Miam. I have not given it to him yet, is Petit Miam full fat?


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    cinnamon is offline Registered User
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    I looked at the label of the baby yogurt (was it petit miam?) and it is full of stabilizers and thickeners.
    Why not just buy some natural full fat yogurt and add some pureed fruit. (there are a few organic ones available in the supermarkets- have a look at this thread Organic yogurt with the least sugar and additives?)
    Gabitu Ola, maybe you could try that with your baby, start with a small amount of fruit or veg puree added to the yogurt and see if baby will eat it.
    You could then try increasing the amount of the fruit or veg.
    (is the fruit/veg very smooth or a bit lumpy? I found my daughter gagged really easily in the beginning if the texture was even a little bit more rough
    I found Sweet potato, apple and pumpkin give a really nice smooth texture. Potato and corn is a bit rough (even when put through a sieve

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