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Staying Indoors Post-Birth

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    I stayed in for the first 8 weeks or so. It took me a while to get adjusted to breastfeeding, and D was nursing non-stop. I did take him to the supermarket once and a group of old ladies followed us, they wanted to touch him. I realised I made a mistake and rushed out.

    At the hospital they suggested everyone wash their hands before holding the baby. We made that a rule at our house for a couple of months. I know I sound super-paranoid. Even after all of that, D got a chest infection at 8 weeks and he was hospitalised for a night.

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    I believe that you should keep the BB at home for the first 4/5weeks, just to let the BB settle into the world and familiarise themselves with people and so forth. Whether you are chinese or not.

    As opposed to letting your BB start to immune from the germs in the environment and so forth... if you have your windows opened, they will still come in contact with the germs and pollution of the air, without close contact with people, and their germs, etc.

    The Chinese believe that a BB in its first month should not (maybe bad luck) be allowed to leave its home, and to not go and visit/see people. That is why they usually hold a "1st month old" Baby banquet, inviting all relatives/friends to celebrate the arrival of the BB into the community.

    Which is why the chinese man you met, barbwong_130, was sooo surprised.

    Though, if you were the only person left in the house looking after the BB at home, and you had to see the Doc's or something, then you will have to take your BB with you. Ideally, best if you can arrange for someone to stay with the BB at home, whilst you're out.

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    I bring my BB out about 2 weeks after birth and we've went to the doctor in the island hospital for check ups every weeks as my baby has jaundice.
    We lived in island so in the afternoon we went for a bit walk. And most all old woman saw our BB with shock, coz he only a few weeks old and they kept telling me how bad it was to bring your baby out when he was very small.
    Untill now some of them still remembered how small my BB was. And at that time I couldn't out too long coz I wasn't confidence with myself feeding him at public places.

    In my origin country the tradition is not allowed mother who just given birth out from home for about 40 days and not allowed do any household jobs (and put those long tummy belt so your tummy will back to original state). Which I didn't do after I've my BB. Maybe next time will ask my mum to come over to help me out

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    40 days at home is also what my tradition asks for, but my mom wasn't able to follow it. From my experience, staying home for more than 2 days can drive me nuts, but maybe things will change once the baby's born.

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    I took both my children out 10 days after birth. But we were either in the car or just going for a short walk. my babies were jaundiced so doc said take them out to get some sunshine. in taiwan, i put my little one in a maya wrap in public places or everyone touches her. if people come too close or we use the elevator, i can cover her with the sling. it's also good for nursing. it's really hard fir me to stay indoors so the walk was good for my mental health :)

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    We had to go back to the hospital for day 5 checkup at Queen Mary. So the hospital are obviously not expecting people to stay indoors!

    If you don't want strangers touching your baby (and they will), pop baby in a sling such as the Mayawrap. It covers most of the baby up, so that people hardly notice you are carrying a baby.

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    If you are breastfeeding your baby it is actually ideal that the baby is always with you. When you encounter a germ your body will start to make specific antibodies for that germ. If the baby is always with you there is no chance that the baby encounters a germ that you don’t. Thus your milk will have all the antibodies to all the germs the baby comes across.
    I agree

    I went out (other than the dr) after about 2 weeks, but That was less abut the baby and more about me. It is hard to get yourself organized with 2 children by yourself, and BF and move around with a 3 degree tear, all by yourself. Many times I attempted to get ready to go, but had to give up and try again another day.

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    I exclusively breastfeed my baby and he still caught a horrible chest infection and an ear infection and ended up in hospital. I really thought that my breast milk would have protected my baby, it just shows you doesnt it.

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