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I've sent my maid away because of my in-law.

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    Ay, yay, yay. These stories are scary! I also believe that if the ILs--Chinese or not--are causing problems they'll be on the next flight OUT. I would rethink their next visit, if they're lucky enough to get a 2nd chance. I would be happier and more comfortable with PEACE at home!

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    By sending away the helpers, rather than dealing with the ILs, you validate their petty, selfish, arrogant behaviour.

    Filial piety and respect for your elders is one thing - but to have them disrupt the houseold you are paying for is nonsensical. The needs of a baby should come before the needs of a tyranical old biddy.

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    I am so surprised that many of us are having the same problems with our MIL.

    Now, my MIL asked me to find the helper back after she handled loads of houseworks and the baby. Seriously speaking, she coudn't handle all the works in the house with the baby. On the first few days, she asked one of her friends to help her with the baby, then after, she asked one of her relatives in mainland to come back and helped her~!!!!!! One week after her relative gone back to mainland, she asked me if I can find my helper and asks her to come back.
    I am so angry about what she've done, she's the one who insists to send my helpers away because she said she can handle all the works. OK now, everything in the house was stuffed up and she wants me to find my helper back.

    I am trying to contact with my old helper but she seems a bit scared of coming back as she said it might ruin up the relationship between me and MIL.

    I've talked to my husband about this issue and he also try to convince MIL not to be so "aggressive" in front of the helper and baby.

    I don't know if my helper is willing to come back or not and I am still waiting for her reply.

    Yuenyuen, my MIL just act exactly like yours. When she lost something in her room, she will ask the Buddha "Did my maid steal my stuff?".
    In the Chinese New Year, she lost $6000 in her jacket and she asked the Buddha if my helper took it. (WTF??) This is very unreasonable and unfair to my helper. After that, she found the money in another jacket then she accused it was me and my husband to put the money in her jacket. She loves to store her money in some "unreasonable place", 2 years ago, she lost $5000 dollars in her old place and she accused that my father in law took it and guess where she found her money at last............. IN HER SHOES!!!!!!!

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