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Fever in First Trimester

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    Fever in First Trimester

    Hello. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and just came down with a respiratory tract infection and therefore had a fever. It was relatively mild. When I first noticed the fever it was at it's highest at 100.9F/38.3C. I quickly purchased tylenol and jumped in a cold bath to bring it down (which worked).

    When I went to the doctor he prescribed paracetemol which I've been taking every 6 hours to keep the fever low. It's been 2 days and the fever seems too be tapering off and seems to be around 99-99.5F/37.5C at the moment.

    I'm upset that I got sick in the first place and I'm also worried that the fever may have harmed the organ development of the fetus. I know that a high grade fever does carry risks of malformation, but what about a lower grade? Has anyone out there had or know of anyone who's had a low-grade fever at around this stage of preganancy. How did things turn out?


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    I had a fever of 102 when I was 5 weeks pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant at the time so didn't act very fast to bring it down. There is of course some risk but I am now 36 weeks pregnant and all my scans have shown there is no problem. A low grade fever, especially when you have acted so fast should be no problem. You will have a scan at 18 weeks that checks for abnormalities which will hopefully further put your mind at rest.
    Don't Worry, it will be fine!

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