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Can anyone recommend a good baby book?

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    Smile Can anyone recommend a good baby book?

    Can anyone recommend a comprehensive guide that would cover from preconception to birth? If I was to buy just one book, what would you suggest?
    Many thanks!!

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    Sep 2005
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    It would have to be the "What to expect when you are expecting " series - it's VERY comprehensive and after reading about 8 books when I was preggers, I found that I basically could have done with just reading that book although it's always ncie to get different perspectives on a topic.....

    good luck!

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    i like the miriam stoppard book: conception, pregnancy and birth (i think that's what it's called). what i really liked about it was that it has been translated into chinese so that my hubby had a copy and i had a copy and we could compare notes.

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    I like the Dr Sears' books. He has a Baby Book which covers pregnancy and birth

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    If I had just one book to buy it wouls be this one pdated+The?ref=Search+Books%3a+'childbirth'

    it is a very very good book, particularily about birth, it explains all the options out there, with no bias one way or the other, just the facts. I really didn't like the what to expect series myself. It didn';t really tell me anything I didn't already know. I bough A LOT of books and this one was the best by far. The rest were okay to read, but not useful knowlegde wise.

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    I quite liked the Rough Guide to's quite light hearted and humerous, while at the same time giving a comprehensice view of the pregnancy month by month.

    Don't think it covers pre-sonception though....I can't remember. I bought it after I'd found out I was pregnant.


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