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Combi or Capella Stroller?

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    dbbaby is offline Registered User
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    Wink Combi or Capella Stroller?

    Anyone currently using either one of these brands? Where do they stock Capella? Thanks....:lovedface :lovedface

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    kara23 is offline Registered User
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    I got a Combi when I had my second baby. It is really light and easy to handle. But when my child got older (and heavier!), he started to twist and turn in the seat, making the stroller move side to side on its own due to its lightness. I would recommend the Combi only for the first year then you might need to get another stroller. I got a Maclaren and now my baby stays put!

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    pisces74 is offline Registered User
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    I agree with kara23, I'm using combi, it's light so it's easy for me to carry when she is not in it. However, it has small wheels and I have a feeling that my baby will not be able to stay put in it when she grows heavier or when she starts ' bouncing' in it. ' It won't be sturdy. I will probably need to buy a heavier and more sturdy stroller when she gets older. She is now 6 months. Due to it's lightweight, I can't hang anything behind when I go shopping, in case it topples over when my baby bounces!

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    Heyy -

    We are using a Capella stroller. Reasons to buy this one was the weight (5.5 kg), the price (+/- HKD 640) and that is was suitable for newborn. We are living on HK Island and I am using a lot the public transport, therefor we are happy with the Capella, it is fairly easy to handle. One thing to consider: this stroller is built for small people, great for me, but a little bit uncomfortable for my husband ;-).
    You can buy it in WING ON and a small shop in 38, Eastern Street, G/F, in Sai Ying Poon, close to Tsan Yuk hospital.

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