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1yr old gets distressed when he hears other babies

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    1yr old gets distressed when he hears other babies

    I’ve noticed my 12.5mth son has developed anxiety whenever he hears other babies. I don’t think the problem is actually seeing them – he’s fine when we’re out in public and sees lots of babies/kids at the children’s library and playgrounds. It’s when babies/kids make actual noises and sounds that seems to distress him.

    Just today we were at a restaurant and he was totally fine, then we heard a baby cry out and that got him all distressed so I had to take him for a walk outside just to calm him down. Then later on we were walking in the plaza, and some kids were running along making a bit of a racket and that caused him to suddenly start crying.

    He’s totally fine around adults and with all other day to day noises, it seems only babies noises/babbling affect him.

    I have also recently started to meet other mums and their babies and was hoping to join more playgroups, but it doesn’t seems possible to continue as I can only calm him down by removing him from the situation.

    Has anyone experienced this with their baby? What did you do? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    I've read that experiments show that babies can show empathy with other babies by expressing distress when other babies show distress (by crying etc.). So, it seems to be a normal.

    I would give it some time and see how it develops.

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