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To TV or not TV, that is the question. . .

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    Kiwi Family is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2005
    Hong Kong

    We have a 2 yr old that has just discovered DVDs, we have no TV.

    He got to choose the titles, Shrek, Wizard of OZ, Hi5, Discovery etc and when possible we limit dvd watching to rainy days or quiet days, certainly no more than 3-4 times per week and then often just half of the DVD.

    We often try and watch, or be in the room with him to point out things in the DVD and encourage conversation rather than him sitting down and staring goggle eyed at the screen.
    Most of the time he gets up and down from his chair anyway and doesnt sit still for that long.

    Who knows what is right or wrong, good or bad? Everything in moderation!
    I personally didnt want my kid to be entertained by the TV regularly and start to expect it, I want him to use it as a learning tool, and sometimes laughter, dancing etc. I was concerned that I / we would fall into accidental parenting and start to use it as an easy babysitter.

    Having said that - Nobody is perfect, when hubby and I want to have an uninterrupted conversation nothing beats Shrek.

    Goodness knows if Shrek is appropriate for a 2yr old? However he adores it and laughs alot when watching, that cant be bad huh?

    Personally I find not having a tv and using the computer only great. The images of todays news can disturb me, imagine what it does to our kids minds.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I think it would be impossible to ban television completely from a child's life- again everything in moderation! I plan to limit the amount of TV our child will watch and hope to fill the time instead with books, games, puzzles, arts and crafts and outside play-there are so many things to do with a child other than watch TV.

    However TV has it's place, as long as what a child watches is suitable for their age.
    This is a quote from the 'Child of our Time,' book by Teresa Livingstone on this topic:

    'There is no doubt that watching children's programmes can have educational benefits. Good programmes and films can help with general knowledge, language and singing as well as encouraging basic academic skills. Characters from the television are known by many children and become the focus of games and talk, useful capital in the playground.'
    However, '....Children need to explore the real world, and sitting in front of a television, however appropriate the story, will not give them much needed hands on experience.'

    Again, moderation seems to be key!

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
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    in HK where there isn't a lot of outdoor space & homes are cramped, it's nearly impossible to avoid TV altogether. one reason why i let my baby sleep early since several months old was i didn't want her to watch tv with me (i mean, watch what we watch). the only time she gets to watch the tv show that we watch is day-time on the weekends (when daddy is usually watching cooking shows or grandpa watching soccer or the news), which are both OK for her, i think. i sure don't want her to be watching CSI or House with me at night when we adults in the house relax in front of the TV. in our household, the TV is basically on ALL the time when the men in the house are back. and that's when my little one is usually already asleep.

    as for little girls entertainment (she's 19mths). I only let her watch own DVDs - Dora, Elmo, Wiggles, Barney & Tumble Tots. I highly recommend Tumble tots ( It's like circle time, and they sing & dance & exercise. At least one adult will be with her while she's watching TV and try to dance & do the actions that they're doing on TV. say, dance with Wiggles or Barney, etc. that said it becomes not a time when mom can do her own things, cos we'll be there to watch with her & try to make in more interactive.

    plus, i try not to put her in the highchair in front of the TV. i encourage her to run around while watching. i don't want her to think that you have to sit still to watch TV (aka couch potato). but she does get to watch TV twice a day (after breakfast, we play tumble tots & let her do her exercise; then before bath time at night - Wiggles, and we dance a bit).

    i think the key is try not to let them sit still in front of the TV, but that defeat the purpose of the TV babysitter. i guess if you wanna let the TV babysit your child, a 20mins/day is max.

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    newbies is offline Registered User
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    Eastern side, Hong Kong

    Sorry being a little off topic here.
    joannek, where do you get Dora the explorer DVD?

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    rani's Avatar
    rani is offline Administrator
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    Sep 2002
    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    We sell Dora DVDs on ShopinHK

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    HKfornow is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2004

    Thanks moms for the inputs. Guess I need to loosen up my attitude a little bit. Don't get me wrong, when I turn on the TV for my son, it's not so he can watch just any programs, it is monitored flicks like Thomas, Elmo, Barney, or Disney kids films, and more often than not I sit down with him and watch it (how many times can one watch Mr. Noodle make a fool of himself before the amusement factor stops???) but I have still been feeling guilty letting him watch it.

    Before baby was born, my TV was on constantly, but since he came to our lives, I would be lucky to watch the TV 3 hrs a week! Quite a change. . . it took me 2.5 yrs before my husband and I finally sat down to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD that I got, that's how bad it was!

    Computer games are the same I usually let him try the sesame street & some cartoon sites, of course, some sites are more "educational" than others, but if he likes the characters that much as in the movie Cars, I let him play the computer games for pure fun (and tell my inner voice to shut up)

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