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Kowloon Tong Nursery / Playgroup

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    Quote Originally Posted by happybilly View Post
    Hi Newmummy, I've considered enrolling my baby girl in the Kowloon KinderU as well but the receptionist told me all the teachers are new at that centre. Also, they seem a bit disorganised eg. they're supposed to be opening in Nov yet there is still no info abt it on their website, the receptionist didn't get back to me when she said she will (Twice!) just got me worried so I've decided to wait and see feedback on the new centre later before enrolling.
    Dear happybilly,

    Thank you for your post regarding KinderU Kowloon.

    Regarding the website, if you go into our website, look under 'Contact Us' and you will find information regarding KinderU Kowloon there.

    Yes, you are correct to say that all the teachers are new as we are a new centre therefore all teachers were recruited for this centre. However, all the teachers have been trained at the Causeway Bay Centre and must reach an acceptable standard before they are allowed to teach.

    You can meet the teachers when you come for our free seminar or just feel free to pop in to have a look around.

    I really treasure your feedback and hope to be able to meet you in the near future.

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    My twin daughters are now 12 m old and I'm looking for PG for them too. I'm interested in toddler's prgramme organised by Kiddikraft and TT, however I still haven't made up my mind yet... Is Anfield is good too?

    BTW, any moms here with November baby??? Grateful if you could share your views on PG/nursery for 2008 entry...


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    How about Yew Chung? They have 1 NET and 1 Cantonese speaking teacher in a class. However, in TT and Anfield, only 1 NET???

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    I know there is a KinderU in TKO center, it is joined together with JWT...

    I have a 6 month old daughter and a few moms and bubs are meeting next Tues, Nov 10th at 10:30 a.m at the Festival Walk PCC coffee. Anyone care to join us??


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