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Moving to Hong Kong with two active boys

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    For a cost effective option you can choose some New Terrories area which is relative less density with people.

    I lived in Tuen Mun for 8 year at Villa Tiara. Like every new residential, it has own parks, in door playground and other facilities. Even though it is relative small, but due to the less building inside the residential area, it is more private and less clouded.

    My girl grew from there, and we are so happy to have her there playing both out door. We also found 1-2 westen family there.

    In comparing to those Stanley, Disclovery Bay, it is definitely cheaper in cost @ about $2,300 per sq. feet. And it is quite isolate from the clouded downtwon Tuen Mun, but only with 10 min. walk to there. It is also depend where you will work, but overall the transportation to major area in HK from there is okay.

    Yes, HK is small, but you can find some way to enjoy living.

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    Hi Karen,
    we have 2 very active kids as well - one boy just turned 3 / one girl just turned 2. We live in Clearwaterbay near the HKUST University. The village houses are more spaciuos and you only need a few minutes to the huge park in the HKUST with lots of playgrounds and space to run around even on a rainy day. Clearwaterbay Country Park and the lovely beaches are just 5-10 minutes away. It depends on your office location. My husband and I work on Kowloon side and both of us only need about 20-30 min to drive to work.

    Hope you can find a nice place for your folks

    Quote Originally Posted by fore51

    We are currently finalising our decision to move to Hong Kong. WE have two little boys (2 & 4), who are extremely active and love to run around. My concern is that Hong Kong apartments will not be big enough to contain the energy of two boys. I would love to hear experiences from other people who have active young kids and who live in apartments.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.



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    Dear All,

    Thanks for all your advice - you have definitely given me a number of options on living with two very active boys. Based on everyone's comments, I feel alot more comfortable with living in Hong Kong.

    There have also been some great ideas as to where to live without necessarily living in an Apartment.

    Thanks once again.


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