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lead in paint

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    lead in paint

    Does anyone know if the paint sold in Hong Kong has lead in it?

    I don't have a specific brand in mind,(it didnt seem dodgy) but i bought paint at the hardware store about 6 years ago and had the place painted before I moved in.

    It's now chipping off the walls in a lot of places and on the ceiling too. And looks fuzzy in places on top of the cement.

    I was wondering about lead and dust from the paint now that i have a baby.

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    I think paint HK is lead-free. Have a read through this thread

    Painting baby room

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    when you buy paint, you can ask for the ones that are diluted with water instead of ethyl. then the smell isn't as strong. those people in the shop are very helpful (i went to crysanthumum paint in wanchai, on hennessy road.) they actually have some that are washable. so if your kid draws on the wall & something aplatter can still wash off w/ sponge & soap.

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    They eliminated lead in US paint back in 1977. Other countries must have either led the way or followed suit. Can't imagine paint makers churn one thing out for the US/no lead market and something else for the rest of the world. Especially something that is as dangerous as lead paint.

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