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Public birth in Hong Kong

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    Public birth in Hong Kong

    Hallo, this is my first post to this website, so please be gentle!

    My hubby and I will be moving to HK in November. I am keen to have a baby but I know our medical insurance (from his work) won't cover any maternity costs.

    I'm quite happy to go to local hospitals etc so that's not a problem. But I did want to check whether I would even be eligible to be treated at the local hospitals. (I read in a previous post something about people not receiveiving the 'reduced rate' at local hospitals which confused me).

    So if I do manage to get pregnant and give birth in HK - how much would I have to pay to a public hospital? I plan to get an HKID card as soon as I'm out there so I'd definitely have one of those - but does it make a difference if you become pregnant before you move to HK, or do you have to have lived in HK for a certain period of time before you are entitled to treatment?

    I hope that all makes sense - it's a very nervewrecking (but exciting!) time for me



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    so long as you have a HKID card, you are an "eligible" person. this means you pay peanuts for all medical care...

    with my last pregnancy, i was hospitalised for more than 4-5 weeks. i paid a total of about $3000 for all care, including birth, and pre-natal visits and scans.

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    There is another string on the forum that may describe some information that could be helpful to your question: Birth in HK - What do I do first?. It is located under the "preparing for arrival" strings...

    It doesn't matter whether you are pregnant before or after you come. It only matters that you have the HKID in order to be eligible for the public system. I was 17 weeks pregnant when I moved here.

    Good Luck!

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