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Baby 3 months old not drinking water

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    i agree with lesliefu, no water for babies under 4mths. especially when on breast milk. neither of my babies had water until they were on formula/solids. breast milk is the right combination of fluids/nutrition so no real need to offer water UNLESS bowel movement are HARD and painful.

    If baby poos every 2-3day but the texture of the poo is SOFT and comes out easily without pain, your baby is NOT CONSTIPATED. From birth 2nd some only went poo every few days even when he was on EBM exclusively. We only offered water after we switched him to formula around 4mths and he had trouble pooing.

    Please do not offer your baby juice, honey (which is not recommended until 1yr because of botulism spores), or glucose!! Your baby needs only breastmilk/formula and you could be risking his/her health by offering other empty calorie drinks!!

    if your baby is having painful/hard bowel movements then you can try offering water after she/he has been playing for a bit. Offering water right after a meal usually doesn't go too well because they are already full. Also note that at 3mths, your baby if water is needed, only needs very little water.

    Read more info here for water overdose and the serious effects for babies:

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    Your baby might be going through a growth spurt at 3 months. I read somewhere that since breastmilk is complete/ wholesome food with no junk, during growth spurts the baby might consume 100% of the breastmilk she drinks and hence not poo for a few days. Incase her poo is hard she might be constipated for which hold his legs together, bend them and rotate both sides Or massage with gentle pressure on her tummy 3 fingers below the belly button until you find a hard mass, apply the pressure for a few seconds each time.

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    MLBW Guest

    Our son never really would drink any water until about 2 weeks ago and he's a year old. So...our solution? We found he liked ice chips--probably for his teething--which he seems to have been doing constantly since birth. He didn't even like water flavored with a bit of orange juice--but if we freeze something--water, juice...anything, and give him a bit to suck on....he likes it. With breastfed babies...usually it's not "constipation" actually. Any lactation consultant will tell you that breastmilk is so easily absorbed by the body that some baby's bodies (even at 3 months) get very efficient at processing it to the point that they rarely have a bowel movement. In fact my US-based paediatrician said that in all his years in practice he has actually never encountered a truly constipated only breastfed baby--he said it just doesn't happen. Formula fed babies, however, get constipated a lot. I thought when I was breastfeeding that our son was constipated too--but it turned out to be a different issue altogether. I think it's odd that the doctor is telling you to give your breastfed-only 3-month old water--that will in effect reduce your wife's milk supply if the baby starts drinking water and the water (because breastmilk works on a supply-demand basis--and even adding a little bit of other liquid--water, juice, formula...the baby will not consume as much breastmilk and therefore the demand won't be as high and supply will drop) and water content in breastmilk is definitely more than adequate. I don't think the doctor has much experience with breastfeeding in this case--I would contact the LLL (La Leche League) people and listen to what they say. The majority of babies in HK are formula-fed so many doctors only have experience with that. I would ask for a second opinion--I don't think your child is constipated.

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    this thread is 2 years old.

    i agree, there is no need for such a young one to drink water.

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